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I want to Get Shot
Joe Ray Sandoval

I want to get shot
And die a noble death
I want to get shot saving someone's life
I want to get shot so that I can go to the hostpital and detox
With a noble causeof course

I want to get shot so that I can rest
Take time away from it all
My body can't afford my lifestyle anymore
I want to get shot so that my pain becomes real

I want to see how many people really like me
I want to smell your flowers
See my name in writing
I want to gwt shot because its quick and painful
I've had a good life, Few regrets
I just want a good scar to remind me how lucky I am
I'd like to wake up tomorrow with a different poem to write

The poem about my life
Is worth the words I write
I know I am going to die
But death has to find me
And until death finds me
Its my life
What am I going to do?
I don't know
As long as I don't get shot

"I Want to Get Shot," by Joe Ray Sandoval, from SUCKERPUNCH. Copyright 2003.


Joe Ray Sandoval

i remember when my mother died
we shoveled prayers and tears into her grave
and you father
strong man
quiet man
you have much to say in your silence
our languange for many years
years i have never known
but know me
and remind me of the langunage
of our ancestors
inside my breath
neither lent nor borrowed
but drawn upon
spoken through fingertips
and the darkness of our eyes
knowing that I am you
and your father
and all our mothers
who give us life
and i promise you
i will remember who i am
i will make our history known
even as we continue to create it
the world needs to know
the beauty we belong to

"Father," by Joe Ray Sandoval, from REINA, published by Alibi 13. Copyright 1999.

Cor van den Houvel

Melting Snow
The sun shines into the back
of a empty truck

"Haiku," by Cor van den Houvel. Copyright 1993.









Enrique AVILES

I’m here as a civilian
I put aside my rank and uniform
my poetic duty
there’s no beauty in these words
no prose
no rhyme
no verse
no literary value
Get Ready

Take off your jewelry and your watch
might want to loosen up your tie
this is not a lyric moment
not a sonnet
not an epic poem with perfect structure

this has no beauty in mind
there’s no song or rhythm in this piece
my intention is not to touch your heart
Get Ready I’m here to give you back your things
all the stuff you left me with
Get Ready

Make room
here’s your stuff
your lies
your tricks
your evil ways of cunning and fucking me over
Take your shit
your legacy

your scorn
your broken treaty
your notarized agreement
your lawers
your law
your country
Get Ready

There’s no beauty in these words
I’m here as a civilian
as a threat
as a punk
as a thug
as the image you created
Get ready

I’m here
to kick your ass.