In his score, noted composer Michael Brook (An Inconvenient Truth, Into the Wild) captures the moods and textures of the urban world of Cruz’s poetry and the traditional world of northern New Mexico. With a haunting mix of acoustic instruments from the Spanish traditions that reach back to ancient times and electronic beats that are the pulse of urban interconnectivity, he masterfully wraps the film in the physical and emotional locations the story evokes.


Given the close relationship between performance poetry and music, the film’s music is an exciting, eclectic mix of some of most innovative musicians working today with the traditional Norteño music of New Mexico with some of the most innovative musicans working today. With music supervision by Guilherme Campellon and Emily Kaye through Sir Groovy, a thrilling collection of music permeates the film.

San Francisco based OM Records has contributed work from artists Bassnectar, Strange Fruit Project and J Boogie’s Dubtronic. Founded in 1995 as a response to the cross-pollination of the funky underground music scene in San Francisco, Om Records is powerhouse music company with over two-hundred and fifty releases under its belt. Branded the United Nations of Future Music, Om’s mission is to find, put out and promote music that is refined, innovative and always pushing boundaries.

Another West Coast publisher, Ubiquity Records is represented by Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra and PPP. In 1993 the company incorporated as Ubiquity Recordings and has since grown into a company with multiple label imprints, a clothing label and worldwide distribution network. The name Ubiquity was chosen because of the label's mission to make unheard music ubiquitous.  Ubiquity has developed into a strong, definitive brand. Customers often purchase Ubiquity CDs without knowing the band, their decision based solely on the label's reputation.

To represent the work of the movie’s character Cloudy, an aspiring beat maker, the filmmakers chose DJ Skribble’s work to represent him. As a member of the Young Black Teenagers he created a sound that defined the times. As a solo artist he has spun with the forefathers of hip-hop-Grandmaster Flash for on-to one of the best MCs to have ever lived-the Notorious B.I.G. He kept New York moving as a hip-hop DJ on the top urban station (Hot 97.1), as well as spinning house on KTU. And his face was universally recognized from the half dozen MTV shows he hosted (The Grind, Spring Break, Sisqo’s Shakedown). His work has topped the charts of Billboard Magazine for over 10 years.

And from New Mexico, the bands Orgullo and The Blue Ventures provide the fascinating counterpoint to all the urban sounds with their beautiful songs from the Norteño traditions of the Spanish in the new world. Both groups come out of the strong family tradition of making music together, and both groups are made up of  varying combinations of cousins, uncles, brothers and sisters. The Blue Ventures have performed all over the Southwest, winning many awards including: Band of the Year, Song of the Year, Gospel Song of the Year and CD of the Year. The Blue Ventures members all live in Alcalde, New Mexico while members of Orgullo reside in and around Espanola, New Mexico.